donderdag, juni 21, 2007

British Telecom maakt VoIP gids voor het MKB

BT heeft een handige VoIP gids voor het MKB samengesteld. In de folder 'Understanding VoIP' worden op heldere wijze de werking en voordelen van VoIP uiteengezet.

Zo worden bijvoorbeeld 3 goede redenen voor het zakelijk gebruik van VoIP gegeven:
Cost control
Many people will be familiar with the cost savings associated with making calls over broadband. However, as well as the ability to make free calls between VoIP users, many services also offer a free additional line and savings over standard fixed-line to local, national, international and mobile numbers.
VoIP can also offer complete cost control on the amount you spend each month, with packages that give unlimited calls to local and national numbers for a fixed monthly cost and capped rates to mobiles and international destinations.

VoIP calls are directed to a phone, not a location, so it’s ideal if you travel or work from home regularly. Incoming phone calls are automatically routed to where you’re connected to the internet, so you can make and receive calls using the same number wherever you are.

Enhanced features
As well as free features such as three-way calling, call forwarding, voicemail and caller ID, VoIP services can also integrate with other internet-based services, including video conferencing, Instant Messaging (IM) and Outlook.
This means users can choose the most appropriate way to contact someone and also check if they are available before they even call.

De gids is na het achterlaten van - al dan niet bestaande - contact gegevens hier te downloaden.